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korean drama about school romance

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Korean Dramas

What are some good K-drama shows about high school romance?

6 Answers

Hasi Dil

Hasi Dil , A fan of Korean dramas and movies.

Because Its the First Time

Revolves around five friends, who have been friends since school and present setting is when they are in following higher education.

The cast is great and the plot is is something like never before.

It is a must watch, if you like this genre. It only has 8 episodes so, you can binge watch anytime. It has Choi Min-ho, Park So-dam, Kim Min-jae and many more who are quite popular these days.

Girls Generation 1979

The setting is of 1979 in Daegu. This drama also revolves around friends and crushes at that time. It shows innocent love that is quite rare to be seen these days.

The cast is new and talented with Bona taking the lead role, joined by Chae Seo-jin, Seo Young-joo, Lee Jong-hyun, Yeo Hoe-hyun and Dohee. Another must watch drama with just 8 episodes.

Prajna Shetty

Prajna Shetty , Kdrama Junkie

this should answer all your doubts along with pretty good synopsis 🙂

The 20 best high school K-dramas you must watch right now

thanks for the AtoA

Jyostna Arisetty

Jyostna Arisetty , Addicted to Korean dramas since 2013

Thanks for A2A.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Reply 1997

Sassy Go Go

School 2017

Who Are You: School 2015

Girls Generation 1979 (2017)


Dream High

Boys Over Flowers

Thumping Spike


Hi! School – Love On

The Heirs

Anjaly Kb

Anjaly Kb , BA English Language and Literature

Hii chingu

  • Hi!School love on
  • Playful kiss
  • Heirs
  • School 2017
  • Boys Over Flowers
  • Heartstrings(collg rom)
  • Dream high
  • Ma boy(web drama of 3ep)
  • Orange Marmalade
  • Adolescence Medley (web drama 4 ep)
  • Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo


Anusha Patil

Anusha Patil , Kdrama fan

According to me, the best ones are

  1. Reply 1997
  2. Who are you- School 2015
  3. Angry Mom
  4. Sassy Go Go


Sharanya , K-pop and K-Drama Addict

Originally Answered: Which are the best high school romance kdramas?

My personal favourites-

  • Sassy Go Go
  • To The Beautiful You
  • Dream High 2
  • Hi! School – Love On
  • Reply 1997
  • School 2013 and School 2015
  • Boys over Flowers