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San Diego Independent School Fair

San Diego Independent School Fair – Fall 2018

Join the San Diego Consortium of Independent Schools for a PK-Grade 12 educational expo in the Fall of 2018. 

This event will be free and open to the public, and we encourage anyone interested in learning more about transformative independent/private school experiences to attend. 

Date and location will be announced soon! 


Our Mission

San Diego’s Independent Schools: Learning, Leading, Achieving

The San Diego Independent School Consortium consists of ten area member schools that have been accredited or recognized by the

California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS).

Each of the member schools offers families distinctive educational missions and opportunities while sharing a commitment to achieving excellence and inspiring innovation. Our goals are to educate families on the benefits of attending an independent school, to help each family find the independent school that is the best fit for their children, and to make the application process as welcoming as possible. The Consortium has, in many cases, created common recommendation forms, policies for visits, mailing dates for admission letters, tuition deposit receipt dates for acceptances, and policy against conflicting open houses or accepted student events.

(Please note that schools practicing a policy of rolling admission are exempt from common mailing date requirements.)

Why Choose an Independent School?

Make the choice of a lifetime. Choose an independent school.


Academically Rich

Independent schools are non-profit learning institutions that offer academically rich learning environments that nurture intellectual curiosity, stimulate personal growth, and encourage critical thinking and innovation.

Independently Funded

Independent schools are governed by their own boards of trustees and are mainly financed by tuition payments, philanthropic contributions, and endowment funding.

Rigorous Standards

Independent school accreditation standards are rigorous and are validated by a national commission.For more information on independent schools, please visit National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS ).


The San Diego Independent School Consortium consists of ten area

member schools that have been accredited or recognized by the 

California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS)


  • Grade PS-8

    San Diego French American School

    Grade PS-8

  • Grades PK-8th

    Warren-Walker School

    Grades PK-8th

  • Toddler-Grade 6

    Gillispie School

    Toddler-Grade 6

  • JK-Grade 12

    Francis Parker School

    JK-Grade 12

  • Toddler-Grade 8

    The Children’s School

    Toddler-Grade 8

  • Grades 6-12

    The Bishop’s School

    Grades 6-12

  • Grades K-8

    The Rhoades School

    Grades K-8

  • Infant-Grade 12

    San Diego Jewish Academy

    Infant-Grade 12

  • Grades 7-12

    Pacific Ridge School

    Grades 7-12

  • Age 3-Grade 12

    La Jolla Country Day School

    Age 3-Grade 12

    Admission Information

    At-a-glance admission comparison of our 10 member schools. For more information, contact us or reach out to your school of interest directly.

    The San Diego Consortium of Independent Schools has the following agreed-upon admissions deadlines for the 2016/17 admission season:

    Admission season begins: October 1, 2018
    Priority consideration applications are due: February 1, 2019
    Enrollment decisions are mailed: March 8, 2019
    Enrollment contracts are due back: March 20, 2019

    Note: Please scroll left to right to view admissions information for all member schools

     Tuition:Grades:Location:Application Fee:New Student Fee:Testing Fee:Transportation:Financial Aid:Financial Aid Deadline:Financing Methods:More information:
    The Bishop’s School$35,150Grades 6-12La Jolla$100No$100 (ISEE)YesYes, Need-basedFeb 1, 2019Full Pay, 2 or 10 Payments(858) 875-0826
    The Children’s School$5,800-$23,490Toddler-Grade 8La Jolla$110NoNoNoYes, Need-basedFeb 1, 2019Full or Monthly Payments(858) 454-0184
    Francis Parker School$19,430 – $31,450JK-Grade 12Mission Hills/Linda Vista$50-$125Yes$95 – $110 (ISEE)YesYes, Need-basedFeb 1, 20191, 2, or 12 payments(858) 874-3380
    Gillispie School$9,620-$21,280Toddler-Grade 6La Jolla$125NoNoNoYes, Need-basedFeb 1, 2019Full Pay or Monthly Plan + $400(858) 459-3773
    The Grauer School$23,250-$24,050Grades 7-12Encinitas$100YesNoNoYes, Need-basedFeb 1, 2019Full Pay, 2 or 10 Payments(760) 274-2116
    La jolla Country Day School$14,600-$32,020Age 3-Grade 12La Jolla$50-$125No$25-$95YesYes, Need-basedFeb 1, 2019Full Pay or 10 Payments(858) 453-3440
    Pacific Ridge School$29,950Grades 7-12Carlsbad$105No$98YesYes, Need-basedFeb 1, 2019Full Pay, 2 or 10 Payments(760) 448-9820
    The Rhoades School$17,800-$18,790Grades K-8Encinitas$100Noes ($65-$110)NoYes, Need-basedFeb 1, 2019Full Pay or 10 Payments(760) 436-1102
    San Diego French American School $11,580-$18,200Toddler-Grade 8La Jolla$150NoNoYesYes, Need-basedFeb 1, 2019Full Pay, 2 or 10 Payments(858) 456 2807
    San Diego Jewish Academy $5,845-$23,775Infant-Grade 12Carmel Valley$100NoNoYesYes, Need-basedFeb 1, 2019Full Pay, 2, 6 or 11 Payments(858) 704-3700
    Warren-Walker School$4,650-$22,920 PK-Grade 8Point Loma, La Mesa$175.00 NoNoYesYes, Need-BasedFeb 1, 2019Full or Monthly Payments(619) 223-3663


    Check our calendar for consortium dates and events,

    and admission events and deadlines of our member schools.

    Click here for a printable table of key admission dates and deadlines.




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    Contact Us

    We welcome your interest as you learn about the many opportunities available at our consortium’s member schools.

    By completing this inquiry form and hitting the submit button, you should receive the information you requested within a week.

    When you have read the material, visited the web site, and discussed a particular school or schools, the next step would be to visit the campus. By calling the school, you can arrange a conversation with an admissions officer and a tour of the school.

    Each school also has special “open house” days and tour days that you may wish to inquire about.

    We thank you for your interest in our schools, and we look forward to hearing from you!



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